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    Every time I right-align my photos, the little “–” that is supposed to come before my caption is positioned at the top of the photo.
    It is only occurring on this page at the moment:

    Please Help!

    The blog I need help with is



    I added a couple tags to help point this question to the right people. I looked, there are several instances of this in the page, Looking at the other biography pages, i noticed a couple other instances of this, but they did not appear in every caption, which is really strange.

    By chance, were the captions cut and pasted from a Word document?

    Please be patient, we get many questions here.



    Yes they were cut and pasted. Could that be the cause?



    It is possible IF they were cut and pasted form a source that embeds a lot of HTML, like Microsoft Word is known to do.

    This document talks about Microsoft Word in particular:



    Hello again,

    experimented with not importing for Word and there was no change. I think it is just a glitch. Very odd because this didn’t happen to any of the images during the first few days of setting up the site.



    Moved to Themes and tagged for Staff attention.



    Hi folks, when I try to insert the images using wp-admin or, I can’t duplicate this problem, even with the same theme, same captions, and same images.

    As silly as this may sound, can you give me the steps you’re using to insert images?



    So we’ve been using the basic uploading procedure. Place the cursor where we’d like the image, click the (+) sign and choose the image, choose the alignment, and finally add the caption.
    I have noticed that the newest images do not have this issue (that is probably why your replication did not experience the same problem). After about a day, the (–)’s move up to the top left area.

    Thank you for working with me on this.


    I am new to this website …. I am using Dyad. When viewing from another computer I kept seeing the message “Click edit to add a new blog”, I thought it was weird to have that show on the site so I wanted to remove it, next thing I know, all the options to have the pictures on the site are gone. I can’t get it back even if I switch themes. What do I do?



    I am still wondering – from what kind of source (Word, another website, a text file, or manually typed in) were you getting the captions from? If you were typing in some of the photos and changed to cut and paste for others when the mystery hyphen came along that might narrow it down.

    Looked at the page source but finding an errant hyphen…




    @thefoodiesflyonthewall, When you post into an unrelated thread, it causes the original poster to receive unnecessary email.

    To get your question the attention it deserves, please open your own thread using this link Thanks in advance.



    @supernovia – on my test site, I was able to reproduce this.

    I wrote my post text, added an image, resized the image, aligned it to the right of the text and added a caption. When I saved, the em-dash, which I believe should appear in the caption, appeared in the upper left corner of the image itself. (temp screenshot)

    This is in Firefox 52.0.2 (32-bit) on a Win10Pro PC



    Hey all!

    I see it too, and it does look like something we’ll need fix :)

    In the new editor, an alignleft or alignright class gets added to the image as well as the caption – which adds some floating and displaces that hyphen marker.

    When the image is added in WP Admin, that alignment class doesn’t appear to get added to the image, just to the whole caption block.

    Because the image is floating to the side inside the caption, the dash element is able to drift up as well. I’m opening a bug report now!


    Many thanks to everyone for trying to help me figure out this issue and getting the right peoples’ attention!

    I know this may be a hard question to answer but how long do you think taking care of this bug will take? We plan on alerting our audiences to the creation of the site at the end of April so I really hope it will be fixed by then.



    It is difficult to say – we’ll need to investigate where in the process the extra class is coming in and evaluate the best solution – but we’ll make sure to post an update when we know more!

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