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Image Caption Links broken in Photo Carousel

  1. Since about May or June we've been able to add clickable links to the captions on images, including those displayed in a Gallery/Photo Carousel. Example: the image is being displayed with the Gallery shortcode and has a link in the caption to the FAQ.

    Yesterday, clicking on the caption lead to the FAQ. Suddenly today this stopped working. Now clicking either the image or the caption leads to the Photo Carousel. If you click on the link in the caption in the Photo Carousel, it leads to a 404 error.

    I just noticed that if the Photo Carousel is disabled, then the link in the caption works.


  2. Ok, I see what's going on there. FWIW, the caption link within Carousel goes to the right place.

    I'll see if we can get this fixed up.

  3. Yes, now when you click the caption in the Photo Carousel, it goes to the link. Previously if you clicked on the caption in the Gallery itself, it didn't invoke the Photo Carousel, it went straight to the link.

    Again, thanks for looking. If it goes back to working the way it did before, I'll need to write a whole new chapter about using the Gallery. :)

  4. This is all fixed up now.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  5. Appreciated!

    Good thing I've got a long weekend ahead of me (starting right now) and can devote some time to getting that new Gallery chapter started.

  6. I don't know if this is directly related, but I posted something similar and never got any reply.

  7. justjennifer, you're welcome!

    ismailimail, that sounds like the same issue. Is it working for you now?

  8. All our posts on links in captions or descriptions breaking were made between the 16-18th, so something happened around that time that caused the change. Hopefully yours is also fixed now as well.

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