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    i have a problem with image caption. When i first installed theme, it was all okey, but than, after i put some images in page, image caption was outside a white frame around picture, and i couldnt do nothing to fix it. I changed theme and everything were fine.

    Than, i chosen first theme, and image caption problem was still there.

    can someone help me? :)

    Here’s a link to my blog. Look at a image caption “”

    The blog I need help with is


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    That is how image captions work in your Sundance theme. They are outside of the border around images. Each theme is unique, so what you see in Sundance is the way the designer make the CSS for that theme. If you try another theme, for example Twenty Ten, then the caption is displayed inside the frame/border of the image.

    It is not a problem or bug, but it is part of the design of the theme.


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    Have you paid for the CSS upgrade? If so, you can change the styling so that the caption in Sundance would be inside the frame. (I think: note that I don’t have much experience with CSS so I couldn’t tell you how to do that…)



    No, i havent paid. Yeah, but it used to work fine at first, suddenly, it changed this way.


    No recent changes have been made for captions on the Sundance theme at I also checked the demo site and I found that captions look the same as they do on your blog. Here is an example page, look for the “Jellyfish” caption:

    Perhaps you were thinking of another theme.

    Also, if you are interested in purchasing the Custom Design upgrade, I can help you look into using CSS to change how captions look.

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