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    When I insert an image in the edit mode, it includes a caption at the bottom. This new new to me. How do you turn it off? I what a roll over captions only. Thanks, LA




    Hi, thanks Vivian. I had read that post, and it did not solve my problem. The only way, that I have discovered to stop the image caption on the images is to leave the description blank. Unfortunately, I loose the roll over title capability if I do that.



    Sorry – thats the only thing we’ve got right now. There is something in that thread about editing the info.


    I’m having the same problem, as of right now I don’t see any way to turn that new ugly caption thingy off. I’ve been going into the HTML and removing the code manually, it’s right at the beginning of the HTML and is in brackets.


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    It’s “fixed” or changed now.
    Don’t put in a caption. After your pic is in your post, click on the pic, then click the editing thingy, and go to “advanced.” Then you can insert “alt text” as well as a title for the picture. You can make you picture link to a larger image on a separate page or the same page. The title will show when a reader hovers over the picture.



    Or you can put it all in as per usual and then, before posting, click to the HTML editor and remove everything in square brackets before and after your image code. That keeps the caption as alt text (the hover) but makes it not show as an actual image caption on the blog.

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