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    I am by no means comfortable with CSS, but can usually figure basic things out. For example, I figured out how to have the images I upload only show at about 65% their original size, but now I’m wondering how I can center them. Does anyone know a quick fix to this? I’m using the “Bueno” theme. An example of what I mean is here:

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Your images do appear to be centered in the blog post space. Are you assuming you can use the space that’s for a sidebar?



    The code below should do it for your attachment pages. You might want to upload your photos in a smaller size rather than using CSS to scale them, this will save on download time and not deter people with slower connections like me!

    body.attachment p.attachment img {margin:0 auto; display:block;}


    Ah! Thank you so much! That was just what I needed =)

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