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    I have those problems with images:

    1.I tried adding <map> tags to the html, because I have a picture with a graph, and some parts of the graph need to link to specified places in my blog. But <map> tag is removed. Is there reason for this ? (probably this might be request to to allow map tag)

    2.I create new page, upload image, then put it in the wysiwyg view through the click-the-picture options,then I try to see the HTML, and when I return instead of the picture, in the wysiwyg view there is little picture placeholder with the name of the picture in it, and when i get back after that to simple HTML editor, the src attribute is missing from the <img>



    1 – Try using the normal editor for map tags. I see a mention over on the support forum that leads me to believe that TinyMCE may be stripping it out on you. Never tried using a map tag before within a post so I couldn’t tell you. I’ll drop a post in my support forum just to see if anyoen else has. Used a lot in headers. Never seen it in posts though.

    2 – Don’t use the rich editor. I know that that’s a crappy response but so is TinyMCE. Your best bet is just to click on “Save and Continue Editing” every once in a while. Your post will reload on the bottom half of the page and you can go from there.

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    I see that the thread on the support forum has been closed and marked as resolved, but I am still having the same problem as the above user describes in #1 when trying to post image maps. I disabled the rich/WYSIWYG editor and switched to the normal editor as suggested, but it still strips out the map tags.

    Any ideas?



    Since those answers, we’ve received a list of what tags are allowed. Maps aren’t on that list I’m afraid and, as you state, are stripped out.

    Best bet would be to send in a Feedback and ask if they can be put on the allowed list. I’m guessing it’s for security reasons but I can’t think of any of the top of my head. Doesn’t mean they’re not out there though.



    I’ve just encountered this problem. Even with MCE turned off, <map> is stripped. Is there NO way around this?



    swein – I will find out.

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