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    here is a typical post of mine –
    Most of my posts I link to a pop culture item, like a tv show or movie…in order to enhance the visual appeal of my posts ive been uploading an image from that tvshow/movie that i find doing a google image search. Ive just realized that this could be copyright infringement. My first question is, is it? Second question is, what can I do about it? I see hundreds of blogs doing similar things and no one seems to care…Thanks and happy holidays.

    The blog I need help with is



    The law as it applies to copyright in print media is the same in cyberspace. Unless you have the permission of the copyright holder to use their images in your blog then you are violating copyright.
    Copyright Basics (from the U.S. Copyright Office and the Library of Congress) PDF
    The Limitations of Fair Use

    Note also that if your are breaching the copyright of others by posting images you are not legally entitled to use on your blog, then you are also breaching the Terms of Service



    I might add onto this. In 1978, they rewrote the copyright laws. To be copyrighted an item does not need to hold a certificate from the copyrighrt office. Copyright is automatically made when it is published, which is called the date of creation. Referring to the net, when something is placed on the net it automatically makes copyright. The copyright is valid until the death of the creator plus 72 years. So be careful when using other site’s material. I am a web designer and I limit my images to ones I have made, or belonging to the ones designing the site for.



    @Hi Tommy,
    Thanks for your additions. Copyright automatically issues to the creator of intellectual property be it images, text, music, video, etc. and no registration of copyright or posting of a notice is required.

    If you are looking for free sources of images that you can use on your blog then you will find 71 sites listed under “Images (free sources)” on my Resources page In each case check the Terms of Use and comply with them if you use the images.



    In many cases (most, in fact) if you contact the organization they will be delighted to give you permission, often subject to displaying a watermark like “Copyright 20th Century Fox” on the image. Pop culture media machines WANT you to use their items, and sometimes the websites of shows and movies feature galleries specifically for you to take pictures from.


    thanks everyone for your help…from now on ill use those free images and check with these pop culture sites before using. i guess just because im not trying to make money or anything along those lines i just never thought about it!
    and wordpress people…dont kick me off, ill never violate TOS again! promise.



    You’re welcome and happy blogging!

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