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Image copywrite

  1. ohmygodamazing

    What images am I legally allowed to post on the blog?
    I am starting a fashion blog and I am completely confused about posting images and copyrights. Am I allowed to use runway photos (like from and images I find online from other blogs like New York Magazine's fashion blog and google images? I see that people post images like this on tumblr and pinterest so how is that different from a blog? Other bloggers use these photos too but I am assuming they have a deal or something.
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  2. What images am I legally allowed to post on the blog?

    The only images you can post on your blog are images that you either hold copyright on or that are made available to your by copyright holders through terms of use or are public domain images.
    Copyright and Public Domain
    There are 71 free sources of images here >

    The images in Google's cache that you mention are not proffered for use. In fact they majority are under copyright and that's why Google has the may be subject to copyright.

  3. Oops! I said "only" above but that's wrong. You can purchase images from many sources like dreamstime.

  4. ohmygodamazing

    thank you!! Very helpful

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