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    I’m using twentytwelve theme

    and I have resized 5 pictures in a post to 200 x 300

    it was alright in the editting screen, until i hit save draft then preview it

    the pictures still turned out to be as the original size (400 x 600)

    i checked the editting again, both in visual view and text view

    it’s still the 200×300 i’ve set

    I have also alined the pictures as in the first row will contain the first three pictures
    and the next row will contain the next two pictures

    but when I preview it, it’s all one picture per one row (but i think this is due to the size is still being 400×600 rather than 200×300)

    what has gone wrong???? please help me..

    here are the screenshots:
    size is 400×600 and the alignment was in a mess

    this is what i wanted it to look like

    Thank you..

    The blog I need help with is



    Your screenshots don’t help. To tell you what’s wrong we need to see the code, so you need to publish the post and link to it.



    it’s ok, thank you very much
    I somehow got my friend to help me and it works

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