Image disappearence??

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    (Joke!) “Okay who is this and what have you done with my WordPress?”

    And I was the poor bloak who wrote earlier with kudos and compliments. If I knew what was doing on I wouldn’t be writing this…

    Inasmuch as I was surprised that I was using 1.5GB of image space I decided too do some cleaning in the ‘media library.’

    Having meticulously written down every image that has been used for the past 30 days, I was even more surprised when I found that every image I’ve uploaded since the new version brings images by the twos, or threes; needless to say, I had more images than imaginable.

    During the time of ‘Spring cleaning’ my media library I was working on an article (post) that I intentionally saved in excess of 5 (five) times.

    When I get done removing images of no use or value, I am surprised to find that every image on my home page (“The Thinker”), except one is missing!

    I get to the HTML and the code is there but the pic isn’t. I go to ‘edit’ the post; and upon editing the image is there, yet, click back to ‘View’ and zilch (that means nothing.)

    Please assist if possible; I have had two all-nighters with this difficulty and I know that it is no fault of yours. Thanks in advance.




    Fixed it myself!


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