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    I have some images with a width of 500 pixels. With the WP border it makes 508.
    e.g: the white apv-logo in my about page
    or the image found here:
    I just ‘discovered’ that in IE7 the images shows up nicely but
    when looking my blog in opera or firefox, the right border of the image is
    I use IE7 for the blog so it rather came as a suprise

    Can someone light me up here on the why and how?
    Should I use smaller widths then?


    The blog I need help with is


    The uploader’s “Full Size” option doesn’t take the borders into account. In the theme you’re using, maximum width should be 480px, not 500 (unless you prefer to cancel the borders).



    Okay.. I like the borders and definetely want to keep them.

    If I understand this right:
    the reason the right border disappears is due to the K2 theme max width?

    it’s still strange though that IE7 displays it neatly..


    – If the image is too wide, its rightmost part will usually be cut off (in some themes it will spill into the sidebar).

    – Different browsers may handle images differently.



    “- Different browsers may handle images differently.”

    Yup, this i know but didn’t thought it would happen with the blog though.
    Guess, i’ll look more into it with the next post under ‘Places’

    BTW: How do you know the width for K2-Lite is 480?


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    Painstakingly… (Morning Tess!) I used a very wide image with a 1px red line along its left and right edges so that I could always be sure where exactly it ends, and kept changing its width in the html editor till I got the proper result, theme by theme.



    Haha :) I can only imagine how painfull it was. You must be a very patient person!

    Thank you Tess for the link! This is one for my bookmarks.

    I thank you both for your time and help!

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