Image editing for borders and new window – Disastrous changes in last update

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    Your recent changes to Visual Editor and Image Editor have made my blogging MUCH harder and less satisfying. In the previous version it was relatively straightforward to add images on my blog, and then edit them so they would have a frame/border and would open in a new window. It was tedious because I had to make exactly the same edit multiple times, for each image, one-by-one. I requested a way to set the default (new window or not, frame or not, # of pixels) for all images in my blog months ago, but nothing happened.
    Now you’ve removed the ability to do these edits one-by-one, and told us to add HTML in Text Editor! This is antithetical to everything I liked about WordPress. Please remedy it fast. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi dgourmac. I’m sorry to hear you don’t like the most recent image settings updates in WordPress. You are not alone, and they are actually being revised and updated as we speak!

    If you’d like to follow along with the very latest changes, go to

    That is the core WordPress project. The updates being discussed there right now will be tested and then reviewed and then implemented and eventually make it back here to Not everything will be the same as before, but it does appear that several of the options you’re referring to will come back. Nothing is set in stone yet, and we are a part of the process to make the WordPress software better overall (a very good thing!). I appreciate your feedback and wanted to let you know it has been heard.

    While we wait for new updates to get here, is there anything I can do to help you in the mean time? I noticed you mentioned adding a border to every image and opening links in a new window. One thing you might be interested in is the Custom Design upgrade. It’s an optional paid upgrade that lets you make visual changes using CSS. The cool thing about it is that you can make a change like adding borders to images all in one swoop instead of adding them to images separately each time. If that sounds interesting to you, I could help show you some examples so you can see how it works and even experiment yourself. :)

    Also, links. One temporary workaround to make an image link open in a new window is to click the image in the editor, then click the link button above the editor area, in that screen you will find an option that let’s you set the link to open in a new window. Here’s what it looks like right now:

    Hang in there. Updates are on the way.



    Thanks for the response. I will look at the things you suggest. That’s the kind of response I hoped for, and I will look for results soon.


    I did some additional digging (because I got curious) :) and here’s the very latest mock-up I could find. Disclaimer: this is work in progress and may not be the final update!!



    Thanks for the mock-ups. Looks promising on the new window issue. What about borders/frames? Is there any chance for default settings?



    Thank you for the image link workaround. I can live with that, until you get a default setting.


    What about borders/frames?

    From what I can see right now, the things they want to still leave out are: border, vertical space, horizontal space, and % based sizing. I’m not sure if that will change as well, that’s just the latest info I could find so far.

    Is there any chance for default settings?

    That’s not a planned update that I know of. Sorry I don’t have better news for you on that one! We do have that optional paid upgrade I mentioned before that would solve that problem for you. It would let you add borders to all the images with one custom CSS rule, for example.

    Completely aside from individual image settings, have you ever checked out the latest gallery features? Adding images in galleries is actually pretty nice and there are some neat formatting options for them. In case you haven’t, here’s a link to some examples. Click on the images in the galleries to open up the “carousel” slideshow feature. I really like how it looks myself, and you might end up liking them too!



    Hi there,

    Just an update, I have great news.

    Our developers have added border and margin options to the Advanced Options as seen in the screenshot below:

    Screen Shot

    Cheers and Happy Blogging!

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