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  1. Im wanting to start doing some image editing. Any tips? What programs do you use(besides photoshop cs5)?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. IF you want a very, very simple one: does the trick.

    Photoshop Lightroom 3 is very good.

    Apart from that Photoshop is all the way for me.

  3. Any that you know of around $100 or 72 euros? Im on a tight budget, and gimp, which is what I use now, is has a pretty steep learning curve.

  4. Well there's always Photoshop elements. It's a lot easier than CS5. CS5 is more for professionals.

  5. I love Gimp, it is free and can do just about everything Photoshop does with a similar learning curve. Also there are a lot of free tutorials available for it. I'd just stick with that if you're not looking to spend a bunch of money.

  6. I would mainly do stuff along these lines:

    Example 1

    example 2

    example 3

    example 4

    Mainly just simple stuff. Like the examples, and then, for example, forum signatures, and logos.

    I read the Corel Paint Shop Pro is pretty good. Its not deathly expensive either.

  7. Bump.

  8. Most free photo editing software should do that.

  9. I would like to get into more advanced image editing, but that will be awhile.

  10. I learnt Photoshop by myself. In time, you get to learn most of the settings.

  11. I just wish photoshop was more affordable. I have the 30 day trial and I love it.

  12. I believe it's a lot cheaper if you're a student.

  13. Wow! Its only $200 for students. Ill have to save up for that.

  14. I joined the photoshop world <3

    any tips?

  15. Welcome to the world of Photoshop!

    hmm tips...try and keep it simple and don't overdo it with colours. There's a lot of colour editing you can do on Photoshop. Thus beware of over saturating your images.

    dafont provides a lot of free font for you to use. I like to use them for headers, forum signatures.

    There are a lot of Photoshop guides out there, check them out.

    It's always good to experiment!

    Have fun!

  16. I use paint, it does what I need it to do while I'm drawing my awesome pictures of Mila Kunis.

    See here for example.

  17. So this is what it's like to look into a man's brain :P

  18. I can't see much difference between my example and jmcartees examples to be honest.

  19. Lol.

  20. I suggest using older versions of Photoshop to get a hang of stuff. Try the CS3 and CS2 versions. You might find a free copy online as well.

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