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    Hello WordPress,

    I have created this blog, When i click any image on this page

    it opens like this:

    However I want it to open like this:

    Currently it is only possible when you click the post title and not the image, how do I make this thing applicable on both?

    The blog I need help with is


    Do I understand you correctly that you want to be able to link an image in your post to the display of the single post instead of displaying the full sized image itself?

    This page describes where you can put in the link URL for an image.> You should be able to put in the single post URL (or any other).



    Nope, this is not it, I know how to do what you are saying.

    When I am in my home page and I click an IMAGE (Not the title) then by clicking that image it should open the Image with in a page, where I can comment share etc. THIS IS WHAT I WANT

    what I am getting currently is that, when I click the image it opens in a plain browser, just like when we click image in google image search right click and then save. THis is what I dont want.


    I understood what you did not want. But the example you showed is a link to the single post page so I thought that you wanted your image to link to that. Maybe someone else will be able to help you achieve your goal.

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