Image files from my media library to be shared elsewhere. Is it ok?

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    Is it OK if I insert an image file link (such as from my blog’s media library to let’s say a post in some other forum or site?
    That is, if I post on a forum and use the [IMG] code that is usually there and link to an image file from my media library. Is that an abuse of terms of service of WordPress? Will it cause problems to my blog, as per incoming traffic that is (would be) associated to the image appearing on another site?

    thank you



    I asked the same question nearly three and a half years ago; here’s the answer I received then,

    For a definitive answer, circa 2011, you should run it past Support and see what they say.

    And, of course, it would be great if you’d post back here any reply you get. :)



    thank you Jennifer

    as I see it, there shouldn’t be a problem and Mark’s answer to your question suggests so.

    There is a series of images that I want to post to a certain forum. The forum’s rules are that users should avoid uploading images to their server (attach the image to the post) and rather use a hosting service such as flickr etc. The thing is that I’m lazy to re-upload them to a hosting service since I already have uploaded them at my blog’s media library. So if I cant hotlink them from WP to there would be nice.

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