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Image files (PNG) got corrupted without my editing any post - is this normal ?

  1. Some of my images got corrupted and do not display properly anymore.
    The problem affects some recent posts, and appeared out of nowhere - I did not even edit the posts. One moment everything was fine, the next - images started looking black/white, with stripes.
    Can I do something to solve this ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I noticed that the problem concerns only thumbnails, not the original image. If I perform some editing on the image, so that I can press the update button, the thumbnail is regenerated and everything looks ok.
    The trouble is that I would have to do this for hundreds of files.
    Can I trigger the regeneration of all thumbnails ?

  3. Yes, the images look bad!
    I'll add a modlook to this thread so staff will take a look. If you subscribe, then you'll be notified when there is a response.

  4. Thank you !

  5. Hi there,

    It looks like some of your images didn't upload properly. For example, has vertical lines through it in the media library.

    It can be difficult to tell if it's an error in the file itself or in the upload process, particularly when some images display fine and others do not. In previous cases where this has happened, the best solution has been to save the images as a different file type and to upload them again. I understand that this may be somewhat problematic for you if there are a lot that are affected by this, but I don't have a better solution for you at this time.

  6. I can assure you that all images were uploaded correctly.

    If you click on a striped thumbnail, and choose to view the full sized image - that one will display correctly. Or, in your example, if you click the Edit button, the image loaded for edit displays correctly.

    Also, all of the affected images were uploaded some while ago, and they all looked okay until yesterday.
    I noticed that choosing to edit an image (but not really editing it), then updating it causes the thumbnail to be regenerated correctly. But this is going to be rather slow for all affected images :(

  7. @Jackiedana
    Have there been any changes to "The Journalist 1.3" which are causing the problem?


    This is where the footer link on that theme goes:

    Journalist v1.3

    Howdy! This theme, The Journalist v1.3, has seen an update in the form of a new theme, The Journalist v1.9.

    See for all the details.

    So for the also, I thought retired themes were no longer updated?

  8. @Tess, you're correct, that is a retired theme. I'm not sure why the footer link directs to what appears to be a more recent version, as all users would have the most recent theme loaded on their site.

    @fotoimpresii, I apologize for your frustration. I'll keep looking into this for you, but for now, it would help me to know if you run into the same issue if you try uploading your images as a different file type.

  9. Would changing the theme regenerate the thumbnails ?

  10. Hi fotoimpresii,

    I've been discussing this with our developers, and it looks like there could be an issue on our end. It may be a few days before I have any updates, so I appreciate your patience.

    Based on what I know right now, I do not believe changing your theme will change how the images appear on your site.

    If I need more information from you, or have any updates, I will post here, so please keep an eye on this thread over the next few days.

  11. @fotoimpresili
    You could do an experiment. Sign up for a second (but private) test blog. Export your real site and import it to the test site. Try a different theme. I doubt it will help, but it's worth a try, no?

  12. @tess, that's not a bad idea. I'd be curious to see what happened.

    @fotoimpresii, I wouldn't recommend not changing your theme unless you actually wish to do so, because the theme you are using now has been retired and would not be available in the themes showcase to choose again later.

  13. @Jackie,

    Well, a test blog would be a good idea for any blogger here who wants to try different things for any reason. I recommend that to lots of folks I talk to on these forums because it has been very useful for me.

    Wouldn't fotoimprsesii still be grandfathered in if he/she wanted to return to the retired theme? I think, because I've been here 5 + years and answer a number questions in these forums, I think??? I've been able to access retired themes. Maybe I'm confused about that.

    Wouldn't be the first time I've been confused.

    But I hope that fotoimpresii will keep posting because this is a mystery. Maybe not Agatha Christi, but still interesting…


  14. Tried a live preview with another theme - all thumbs appeared correctly !

  15. Looks much better without the weird retro look!

    What happens if you go back to Journalist 1.3?

  16. Journalist 1.3 still produces the corrupted thumbnails. Weird behavior.
    I'll keep the current theme, I like it :)

  17. Hi fotoimpresii,

    Your "real" running Journalist 1.3 site should now be displaying properly. If you are still seeing the corrupted thumbnails, please try clearing your browser cache to see if that resolves matters, and if not, please let me know.

  18. Hi,
    I tested with Journalist 1.3 and it looks okay now, thank you.

    All the best !

  19. You're very welcome! I'm glad we could fix it up for you. :)

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