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Image formatting issues in subscription emails

  1. The images posted on blog are loosing their formatting when they show up in email (for subscribers). Images are showing up in large size where as the size on the blog post are properly formatted.

    Please check.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same problem as @ismalimail. Please view

  3. We are aware of the issue and still working towards a fix.

  4. lovecraftezine

    It happened when WordPress changed the format of the email notifications to blog subscribers. Once again WordPress trying to fix something that is not broken is losing me traffic. Why can't you guys just leave things alone -- or failing that, can you not make sure that your "upgrades" actually WORK before implementing them?

    I received the following email from a subscriber:

    Sorry to bother you, but I note that the last several updates I have on postings have come to me void of any information. All I receive is a neutral greyish-blue screen (very light), with absolutely no content save the address. I'm not sure whether this is a problem on your end or mine, but I haven't had this sort of trouble with any of the other sites from which I receive such messages, so thought I'd contact you and let you know, just in case....

    Please fix this, guys.

  5. @wuweimarketing
    Did the person you received that from reveal which email client they are using and which browser and version of it they are using? I'm asking because that information may be helpful for Staff who are working on this issue to know.

  6. This should be all fixed up now. Sorry for the trouble!

  7. This has not been fixed. The images are showing up large in size in Gmail, though they are appropriately sized on the blog post.

  8. It looks like the fix only worked for a few folks. We're still looking into this.

  9. Just wish to make sure that we're talking about images showing up in large size, at least in Gmail I can confirm. It seems other people are reporting multiple issues (blank emails?) I am only reporting images not retaining their formatting for emails otherwise they are fine on the blog post. There's also another issue I have reported which seems related.


  10. It's not exactly the same issue, but it's related and the fix should deal with that too.

  11. bbsbitsandbreadcrumbs

    I've been having the same problem as wuweimarketing...this from two of my subscribers:

    all I get is a lavender screen when I click on your blog, whether or not I click on enable links and show images. WordPress is at the bottom of the lavender screen.

    How can I tell them to find out if it has been fixed? Do they have to wait for the next post or should they be able to click links from previous/current email notifications and see the blog now?

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