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Image gallery

  1. is there a way of having an image gallery on the blog?

  2. What precisely do you mean by a gallery?
    We all have 50 megs of image space on our blogs. You can use thumbnails on the blog and a 3rd party off-line storage outfit like flickr or photobucket and then link to the original images there. Is that what you mean?

  3. I need something, anything, which will allow guests to browse through images like a photo album or an image gallery. Thumbnails are alright. What I want to do is basically have a photo album on my blog, like you can have on myspace, msn spaces etc...

  4. You can make a page(s) or posts(s) for this purpose. Here's some instruction you need to do that

  5. wiiunite: you could use a flickr account for photo hosting and then use the flickr sidebar widget.

  6. how do I set flickr so that only my photos come up and no other random ones?

    Also, can I have an image gallery rather than a random image showing up every time a page loads?

  7. @wiiunite: if you used flickr, then you'd do all your gallery organization on flickr (by organizing them into sets, etc).

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