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    Hi guys, I’m creating something like a site, not really like a blog (don’t tell this is specially made for blog construction, cause I want the blog featuring), I have choosen a theme that allows me to create pages, but now I’m looking for a way to create galleries on each page.

    yes, I have checked the post about gallery making, but I don’t like the way it looks, and it doesn’t allow visitors to simply navigate through the gallery using buttons, for first time I was thinking in use html editing and the URL codes to get them appear in big size, without thumbnails, but if you have lot of images, this will be a pain in the..back.

    so I have read about a slideshow, but again, I think I will have some problems cause is about piercings, and body modification related stuff, so my site will contain nudity, like genital piercings, etc, and if I go to “rock you” for example, I’m sure they will ask me to erase those “horrible” pictures…

    I already have a site, , i have done it using jalbum, but I can’t post enough info, just pictures, that’s why i like the blog idea, the problem is they asked me to erase the “nude” content…so that’s why I’m doing something else…

    what I want is so simply, create thumbnails, and get the bigger picture once you click on thumbnails, and something that allows me to click on the big picture to get back on the thumbnails, or at least a link on the bigger image to get back to the thumbnails…

    do you know how to do it? and if not, do you know a site to create slides that allows me to upload “nudity”?

    my blog address is

    thanks in advance, and forgive me about my english, I’m not a native english speaker and spanish forums doesn’t have enough info :D


    In my reply to your other thread I gave you the link to the best available info on the gallery feature.

    A gallery is just that: an easy-to-upload-and-batch-manage collection of thumbnails. Whether the larger images include a previous/next navigation tab is unfortunately theme-dependent: some themes have it, some don’t.


    You can also upload and insert independent images as thumbnails, but then there’s no way to have navigation back to the thumbnails other than the browser’s “back” function.


    On the other hand, independent images can be set to open in a new browser window, so one doesn’t really leave the main page.


    thank you, btw I was looking for something more interactive, I have been reading and found I could use flickr slideshows, and after opening my account I have found WP doesn’t accept iframe codes… this is really annoying… :S

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