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    I really like the image gallery, but…

    I think there should be more options for what the images link to, such as to nothing, and to an external location. I like using the shortcode, so if these options were included in the shortcode, that would be really useful.

    Also, I think the support article should explain how to find an image’s attachment ID. (I know how, thanks to a forum thread, but I think that would be very useful information in the article, considering many people have asked about it and the information is not forthcoming anywhere else that I can see.)

    I think both of these would be relatively simple modifications to what you already have going on, but they would make a big difference.



    External location would be a problem with the Gallery feature, but you can achieve the same results by using a table with thumbnail images. In fact, if you look at the “Loose Ends” page of my blog, you’ll see that I’ve lined up the square thumbnail that flickr supplies with only a space between them. You have to experiment a bit to see how many thumbnails per row your theme will allow.

    As far as the Support article, please take a moment and drop Support a note with your comments about improving the Support documentation. They are pretty receptive.

    I agree. link=”none” would be an excellent addition to the Gallery shortcode.

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