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    I’ve been misguided by your system into buying a .com which was supposed to have custom theme and all,
    but only to find later that i was limited to the theme only available on and it would have been a better choice to go on

    That said, I find the media gallery a bit obsolete, and however tedious and disappointing.
    So I have a suggestion,

    what if Gallery could be generated by tag sorting.


    I have a portfolio page, which in turn is linked to 4 other pages.


    For every image that I upload, i can set a tag,
    when a tag match a corresponding page, it’s automatically added to that gallery.
    So i dont need to go through laborious gallery editing.
    Any chance to see this? :)

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Here’s how to do what you want:

    1. Set a static front page on your site.
    2. Post your photos in Posts, not Pages, and tag your Posts with the categories you mention.
    3. Set up and use a Custom Menu to display those categories in the Navbar or even under a Portfolio Page.

    But now I see you are using a Premium theme and I have no access to those themes to see if the above works correctly.

    Have you asked in the Premium theme forum for Soundcheck? You must be logged in to the account that purchased the theme in order to participate in that forum.



    Hi justjennifer,

    Thank for your quick reply, If i understand well your process, I’ll need to create a post for each picture I upload?
    They will appear as a series of post, not like a gallery. It’s also seems to be time consuming to create a post per image.

    The more I learn about the more disappointed I am in how rigid it is. No possible way to use a custom solution, and the current media gallery is just a pain to use. :( Maybe I should’ve taken a .org, but i didnt know there was a difference before buying.



    and yeah I asked in the Soundcheck forum, but the main dude told me, that WP had some missing basic functionality to make it work.



    When I say “Gallery”, I’m referring to the native WordPress Gallery feature. I’ve worked with the feature a bit and here’s a FAQ I wrote about it:

    Once you split up your posts into categories (either with 1 image per post or a dozen or more), you could use the Custom Menu to display each category in the Nav/Menu bar sans blog entirely if you want to. You can even call your Blog only a certain category that contains verbose posts.

    Again, because you are using a Premium theme, which may function differently than the regular themes, I cannot test that this indeed works as advertised as it does on’s free themes. Soundcheck is an amazing theme with a lot of added functionality already built in.

    I saw your post in the Soundcheck forum and it appears that the theme author is unaware of the Custom Menu option or maybe he’s used to using plugins (which we can’t due to code restrictions on due to the shared environment). Because of those code restrictions, we are indeed limited in the way we can do things, but in my now 6 years here, users have come up with some amazing workarounds. The Custom Menu, however, is a built-in feature of standalone WordPress since, I think, v3.


    I’m fairly pissed. The longer I wait for some response from the creator of Soundcheck the more pissed I get. I paid $75 for this theme only to find out that it is, for all intents and purposed, fercacta! (Yiddish for “Covered in Dog Poo”).

    I want to place images in the top slider, in the player itself, etc. and there are no options to do so.

    I am really pissed at the snotnoses who post their senior projects from webmaster class at their community colleges, then charge a serious amount of money for their B- work.

    Pissed at WordPress for permitting the offer. Doing so indicates that WordPress has run some level of QA on these products. I do not get a sense that such is the case.

    Hey, I paid for your time butthead! Respond or learn the power of blogging!



    Aren’t you a little ray of sunshine? Jennifer isn’t staff, she’s just a blogger like you that helps out in the forum from time to time.

    I think everyone would be much happier if you simply hit the Refund button on the Upgrades page and got independent hosting.

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