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    I am using the Oxygen theme on my site, and I used CSS to remove the left sidebar. My blog posts reclaimed that space so they widened. I noticed however that when I insert a gallery into the post, it is now not the width of the post. Is there a way to fix that and make the gallery wider? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    To keep things from jumping around, the slideshow creates a “bounding box” of sorts, so depending on the proportions of the image, the height may dictate the size of the image and in other cases, the width. I also notice that a number of images you are using are only around 450px in width, and the software will not enlarge those as it would reduce image quality.

    First, at Appearance > Customize, enter 650px in the Content Width field.

    The following code will make the slideshow wider, but on landscape images, the width of uploaded image will have to be around 650px or more or they will still appear too narrow.

    .slideshow-slide img {
        width: auto;
        min-height: 100%;

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