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    I’m challenged by image galleries. Say you want to put a single image at one point in a post. Simple enough. Then, elsewhere in the post, you want a little gallery of images. So I upload several pics for the gallery.

    That’s where the trouble begins. The gallery wants to show every image I’ve uploaded for that post, instead of just the images I want showing. How can I tell the gallery “only show these three images here.”

    Example here

    I wanted the gallery to show the 3 shots of Barkis, but instead, it put up everything else I’d uploaded, too. When I tried to hide the extra images or Move to Trash, it stripped them out of the post entirely.

    Advice? thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Advice: search the forum before asking questions; most questions have been answered again and again.

    See here:

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