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    I have a gallery posted on a page. It’s pictures that relate to specific posts. I would like the pictures in my gallery to link to the original post they came from.

    Again, the pictures are editorial cartoons I have grouped on a page. I would like my readeers to be able to click on the cartoon in the gallery and be taken to the original post, with the cartoon, for context.

    I tried changing the link in the image gallery, but it never seems to stick…

    Any one have any ideas on how to do this?




    It sounds like it should work, but this isn’t what the Gallery was meant to do. Gallery is set up so that clicking on a thumbnail image will bring you to a larger image in an Attachment page. That’s just how Gallery works.

    If you want to keep the Gallery as it is presently set up, in the Description Box for that image in the Image Uploader enter the URL of the related Post and then the link will appear under the cartoon on the Attachment page, but it won’t be clickable.

    The other option is to completely throw out the Gallery as Gallery. Set up your gallery page with thumbnails linked directly to the posts. A description on how to do this is explained in this thread


    justjennifer: That’s for creating a page of thumbnails, but angryfrenchguy doesn’t want just that – he wants them to link to particular posts.

    So, angryfrenchguy, you must delete the gallery, get the URLs of the images and re-introduce them in the page using the code for image links:
    <a href="URL_OF_POST"><img src="URL_OF_IMAGE" width="120" /></a>
    (The width command is for displaying a thumbnail instead of the full-size original; but the 120 is just a suggestion – you can change it according to what fits your theme best.)



    @panaghiotisadam-True, but effectively if you proceed as you described in your earlier post, by dropping the thumbnail from the Image Uploader into the Visual Editor, you can then go back and use the Link button in the Visual Editor on each thumbnail to link it to the appropriate Post. Same-Same and easy-peasy.

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