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    Anyone experiencing issues resizing Thumbnails? Please help! I’ve inserted a “gallery” into my post, but I’m having trouble resizing the thumbnails that appear in the post. The thumbnail size is miniature, and I’d like for them to appear in full size (max width of my theme: Nishita) since I have a photography blog. After reading the SUPPORT page on Gallery settings, I changed the shortcode to: [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"] however the thumbnails still appear unchanged/miniature. I’ve also tried changing the size of the thumbnails on the Dashboard (Dashboard, Settings, Media, Thumbnail Size)… but no luck there either. Those stubborn thumbnails are still miniature!! Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? I’ve been trying for 10 hours with no luck!

    Here’s my post:


    The blog I need help with is



    Apparently Nishita does not recognize the size attribute when it’s added to the Gallery shortcode. Every choice, including medium, large and full, displays at thumbnail size.

    Since this is not something we forum volunteers can help with, please contact the Theme Team via Support directly when they return on Tuesday.


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    moved to themes forum: seems like a bug in the theme.




    Thanks, 1tess.


    @ Jennifer… THANK YOU!! I’m just going to switch Themes at this point. Any suggestions on a theme that will work? One that’s best suited for Photography Blogging in your opinion?

    Geeta :)



    The one you are using is one of the best because of its large images. It’d be a pity to change if this is a simple bug that can be worked out and squashed by the Theme Team.

    Regardless, if you are determined to change themes, then you can start in the Theme Showcase and apply the “Photography” filter. I strongly suggest you then preview your content in those themes before applying the theme.



    Thanks for letting us know about the bug with the gallery. We’re looking into it.



    Great news, thanks!


    @ Jennifer: I agree completely, as it’s the best photography theme wordpress has to offer, for its full width capabilities alone. I’ll hold off then, and see if they can fix the bug. THANK YOU again for your prompt help!! Much appreciated! :)

    @ Themeshaper: Could you possibly let me know when the bug has been addressed? I’d like to stick w/ Nishita if this is something that can be fixed.



    @randeryimageryblog – easiest way is by subscribing to this topic, which you can do from the sidebar. That means each time a new comment appears here, you’ll get an email.



    It seems that the problem described above has been resolved. Thanks to the Theme Team.

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