Image glitches with visual editor

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    There seem to be several glitches in the visual editor that are driving me crazy. I want to add an image linked from a URL and add a caption and a border. When I add the caption only or the border only, it works. When I add the border second, the image aligns right within the caption box. When I switch between html and visual and back, all the text in my post goes into the caption. I go back to html and fix the problem. Then I try adding the caption second. The whole picture disappears. If I try to use Zemanta, there are even more issues. I’ve tried editing from multiple browsers (explorer, Firefox, chrome. I’ve tried several computers. Is there somethign with my theme (modularity light) that causing this? Is anyone else suffering these extremely annoying issues?

    The blog I need help with is



    We need:

    the URL of your blog, starting with http

    the URL of the image, starting with http.

    The Browser and version you’re using.

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