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Image header is a redundant link

  1. I'm just starting up a new blog and like just about theme I have an image header. This image is a link which takes you to the page it own - so when you bring up the blog you can click the picture and it reloads the page which I find very annoying. Is there anyway to stop the image header being a link because I wish it wasn't. (I'm currently using Neat! 0.01 theme but I don't think it makes a difference.

  2. You would have to rewrite the Neat theme to do that but since this is a shared environment, you would be doing that for everybody using that theme.

    It's actually more of a home page link and not a reload link. If you're looking at a Post page, you can click on the banner and return to the home page of your blog. It's pretty much standard with most websites, not just blogs.

    Some of the themes, the header images doesn't link. Cutline, the one on my blog for example, does not.

    Engtech did a review of the themes although I don't think he would have done that as an option though. You may want to check it out though.

    Hope this helps,

  3. I think my header is "misty" and I got here looking for a way to make it a link to the home page, which, it appears, it is not. Can I do the reverse? make it a link?

  4. Not without having access to the template files (which we don't here) I am afraid. You can use CSS to stop behaviour, but not add I am afraid on those themes. At least, I have never seen adding hotlinking with CSS. I may be possible? ? ?


  5. thistimethisspace

    In the MistyLook theme the Blog Title just above the header is the "home" link. No matter which page you are on if you click the blog title you will return to the front page of the blog. I have shared this with my readers and they do use it.

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