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Image Header Roundup

  1. thereflectiveteacher

    I love headers; sometimes a good header image is all it takes to help me remember a blog. I wonder if anyone would be interested in posting their header images, just so we can see who's got what.

    For others, maybe this will help serve as inspiration to create/find a strong header image.

    For example: here's mine.

  2. it's really nice and fitting of your profession. =)

  3. @Reflective:
    i really like that header. Here's a link to mine, which isn't that interesting. I can't take much credit for it either...

  4. Here's mine for my ESL blog (

    I can't take credit either. A friend did it for me.

  5. thereflectiveteacher

    Nice headers!
    And whether we can take credit for it or not, I'm hoping others will share. Inspiration's always good.


    The view from my croft in winter.

  7. I'd really like to have automatically rotating image headers, to give readers a different experience each time they check in. You can see an example on Chris Pearson's award-winning tech site at

    That doesn't seem to be possible on, at least not yet. So as a halfway house for now, on one of my site I like to update my image header each time I post. It serves as a kind of code so that regular readers can see there's new material and a new theme.

    The present header image reflects a series of posts I'm writing to draw attention to poverty in Africa, and what we can do about it:

    My other site is much more focused on a single theme. There I prefer to use a static header image, at least for now -

    - conveying the message of hope at the end of the journey.

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