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Image Hover

  1. What is the html code if I want to make another image appear when the mouse hovers over a picture?

  2. Do you mean the Snap Preview?

  3. No, I was talking about where when the mouse hovers over the picture, the picture will change. Itll turn all black and white or the colors will be inverted or it'll just be another picture.

  4. I think that's only an option with javascript, which is automatically stripped out in What you could do is link the picture to another image, but even then it would only show if they had Snap preview enabled, which most people don't. They hate it.

  5. yeah, i hate that snap thing. but thanks anyways.

  6. 99% percent sure that it is possible to do with CSS too, however you would have to buy the CSS upgrade to do it.

    - Biyang Hansen

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