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  1. Hi, I have just created my first blog post and when I publish it there is a grayed out image hyperlink at the top of my text. Is there a way to remove this image hyperlink.

    Thanks in anticipation.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just noticed this too, this very day. Think it might be a bug-- it's never happened before.

  3. Hi,

    thanks to the one response from "semichorus".

    I have tried to research an answer but not come up with much. I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  4. It's called "post format". Please see here >
    If you wish to chnage it to "standard" you will need to edit the post and change the format.

  5. Timethief,

    once again thanks for the prompt response. I appreciate your advice.


  6. You're most welcome and best wishes with your blog.

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