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    Is anyone else having a problem of getting an image to align correctly in the Bueno text widget? No matter how I try to align it, the image ends up smack dab in the middle sitting on top of the first line of text. Not sure if the widget is broken or if my mind is. I’m at but don’t have an offending widget in place at the moment. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    Please add “offending widget” and tell us how you’d like it to be!



    OK, “offending widget” in place at the bottom of the sidebar. Text reads “This is a widget test.” with image of lotus flower.

    I wrote the text and placed the image in the visual editor, clicked right align, copied html and put it in the widget box. Instead of aligning right it is aligning left with the text starting at the lower right corner instead of next to the image. This is how my gravatar image in Inuit Types theme looked when it was broken. So I am suspicious.

    While you are at it, can you look at how the post counts in the Categories Widget are displaying weirdly?

    Thanks so much.


    Re the widget: that’s an example why I don’t recommend the create-in-post-and-transfer way. If one wants to use text widgets effectively, one must learn some html. Change this:
    <img class="size-thumbnail wp-image-1373 alignright" style=[etc]
    to this:
    <img align="right" style=[etc]
    As for changing text color, the tool in the post editor is designed for highlighting isolated words or phrases. The html for turning all the text black should be one opening tag at the beginning and one at the end:

    <div style="color:#000;">

    Re the categories post count: report to Staff…



    Thanks. Sorry to trouble you with this. I will do it the correct way and also do my best to learn some basic html!!!! Also, it’s extremely useful to know how to do the text color change correctly. Thank you.

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