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image in gravatar

  1. Hi
    my image/pic is changed without my knowledge!!! how can i back my previous pic in my gravatar?

    my blog url is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. pl. tell me why my pic. is not removing with replacing previous

  3. while in forum correct pic is showing but in blog gravatar is different.

  4. hi,
    On 3rd nov. in my blog's sidebar my picture had been changed without my doing, now I changed my picture but it is not showing changed picture , automatically changed pic. is shown . I want my choice pic , pl. tell me how I can remove the pic. from my blog's sidebar.


  5. For gravatar support post here >

  6. hi
    thank you for reply, but my picture hadbeen changed automatically

  7. Please report your issue to the correct people at this link

  8. thank you for reply

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