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image in header

  1. Second question...

    I am using Treba, but I want to put an image in my header. Is this possible? I can create the image and all, but I need some direction on how to code this, how to write (or where to copy) such code from.


  2. Treba's not on the list so you're going to have to code the CSS to show it. Still need a link to the blog though to see where we need to change it within the code though. :)

    Edit: Fixed

  3. Thanks Drmike -- the page is -- I haven't created the image yet, but it'll be something with the logo that's currently sitting at the top of the sidebar plus the words private palate -- I don't know if it's necessary to create the image first for sizing purposes... I appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks!

  4. anyone?

  5. I could have sworn that I had replyed to this.

    You can try adding a background to the header bit within the CSS. You may have to fiddle with some of the other declairs since the theme isn't set up for a header image.

         background: url("The URL of the image that you want in there") no-repeat;
  6. Thanks! That started to get me where I need to be -- I appreciate it!

  7. Not a problem.

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