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    Is there a way to make an image bigger? The top image is too small but the next image is true to size

    The blog I need help with is



    The header image on Twenty Eleven is 1000 x 288 pixels and that’s not small. Not everyone will be viewing your blog on a big monitor. For themes that support it, the Appearance -> Header page now uses what we call Flexible Headers. With flexible headers instead of being forced to use a specific size you can now use images that are taller or shorter than the suggested size for that particular theme.


    Yes. the header is fine. I was talking about the image with my photo is tiny yet the image right below it is regular size



    You control the size of the image. Is that image in an image widget or in a text widget or in a gravatar widget?


    Both are image widgets


    I gave up and changed images



    I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you as quickly as I hoped to.


    Thanks for trying to help. Not sure what was going on.



    What was going on is that the sidebar has a fixed width, so images that are wider are automatically downsized to fit. The image you had originally inserted wasn’t a good choice. You could use it after you edit it in an image editing application to place the text below the photo instead of next to it.


    That could be the case if both images had been different sizes but the images were the same size.

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