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image in text widget issue

  1. I have tried 3 times to get a creative commons licence image to display in my sidebar using a text widget without success, although other wordpress users do have such an image displayed in their sidebars. The exact same code which I am told is not java script worked like a charm when I used it in my blogger account. My theme is Andreas 09. Would someone please instruct me as to how to accomplish this please.

  2. Is it html code that looks like this:

    < a href=""><img src="" border="0" width="211" alt="Image Hosted by" />

  3. I forgot to say it may take a few minutes to show. Or just go to edit any post but don't edit it and just save it. Everything always shows up that second for me.

  4. Look it's late where I live and my husband wants me to shut off the noise. Tomorrow when I'm not dead beat I'll take this up with you again. Meanwhile the instructions and the code are at
    I want the kind of licence that says "no" to both questions asked there and the jurisdiction is Canada. I appreciate the offer of help. I have yet to get even one image to display in a text widget in my sidebar.

  5. It is javascript. I tested it on my site on a text widget and only some parts of the code showed and no image. I tested the other day just for the hell of it javascript ads just to see how it would show up knowing that javascript isn't allowed here. But it showed up the same way that it is showing now on your site. But try taking out the text widget and create a new seperate category like how I have a seperate category just for my site meter. Create a new category and then add the url link and also the image url link as a bookmark into the new category.

  6. hope this may help:

    <div align="center"><a rel="license" href="" title="This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License"><img alt="Creative Commons License" border="0" src="" /></a></div>

  7. My thanks to both of you. Obviously I have a recurring problem in not being able to distinguish java script from non java script code. I know absolutely nothing about code so now I have another question. How does one delete the contents in a text box? I have 3 text boxes that now contain the creative commons licence code or whatever is left of it after the "java stripping". I dragged and dropped the widgets out the the sidebar back into the not in use box widget but I still have 3 partial creative commons blah blah blah ... appearing in my left hand sidebar.I want to get rid of them and simply go back to having a creative commons book mark. Any suggestions?
    P.S. Are there e books on learning basic code?

  8. HALLELUIA! It worked! Thank you, thank you , thank you ... it worked! Having shouted that with joy I'm still interested in learning some basic code ... an auspicious day to be sure - YES! Issue resolved.

  9. I can't flipping believe it. They are back - the creative commons widgets are back. I deleted the creative commons content in the widgets and I dragged and dropped them back to the available widgets box [all the while thinking "good riddance"]. Then I created a bookmark with the code provided by options and I shouted Halleluia! [overcome with joy] when the creative commons image appeared in my sidebar and the horrid widgets were gone. I got up and boogied a victory dance [after 3 miserable days of struggling or was it 4] I finally had the little creative commons image in my sidebar - yes! I had a cup of tea and viewed my site. Oh no! They're back - the ^&*%#@ widgets are back ["Kill the widgets!" she shrieked and then regaining her composure, she politely addressed the forum asking] Do you think this a "feedback" issue?

  10. This is absolutely crazymaking - whether to laugh or to cry is the question. Somehow the creative commons image is back in my sidebar and the widgets have gone away again ... sigh ... If some "key master" or "moderator" corrected this weirdness thanks ... if not then ???

  11. uhm, that code was supposed to be pasted right in one of those very 'Text' widgets. you can paste it over the old one.

    regarding to the hyper-text markup, may give not a bad start since there are interactive examples, however they mean to be online (not too good for a dial-up connection).

    as for [e]books, there are rather many of them (frankly, I'm out of the swim), one might 'feel lucky' with oneself favorite search engine, only their titles should not contain keywords like: "for idiots", "dummies", "beginners", "complete", "top", "best", "power" and such -- may be waste of time&money -- too many crap tutorials on this (and other popular like PHP) topics which give a shallow illusion of simplcity instead of deep knowledge and right technique.

    PS think if I manage to overcome my laziness I'll blog some quotes and references to address your question about "real point of web 2.0". here's one of my favorite for now: "we don’t want people to have to look at HTML and CSS code, which is antithetical to the purpose of", -- it's not specifically about because it can be substituted here for most other web2.0 startups in general.

  12. Thanks for the leads on learning computerease (html and css, eh?). Right. Well I will be studying hard and heading for the honour role.
    The truth is that I never wanted to be a geek and that I found the phrase you quoted above to be very reassuring. Little did I know that there would be renegade widgets that can have their contents gutted and be put to pasture on the "available widgets" range, only to blythely jump the fences and arrive back in my newbie stable.
    My recent struggles have changed me - by GAWD I'm going to learn code ASAP, then I'm going become the Queen of Geeks and the Protecter of all sniveling WP newbies. I will plaster dozens of sidebar affiliate buttons like ptvguy's on every one my newbies stall doors, what the heck on their walls too. Then I will load my magic rifle with annihilation ammo and lay in wait. And any come and go gutted widgets that dare to jump fences and muck with my newbies will be slain on sight. In fact as soon as the get another blog option is available again I'm going to start a new blog and chronicle my adventures under an alias as we Canadians are supposed to be pacifists. Meanwhile I'm considering going up to the rod and gun club today because it feels like a centre fire day to me, if you know what I mean [snarl].

  13. indeed, in this moment you have an empty Text W. #1 on your sidebar.

    I never had such problems with widgets (persisting). my only suggestion would be to make a full reload admin widgets page (Ctrl+F5) or clear a browser cache if reload didn't help.

    how to: it depends on browser in use. assuming it's a MS IE Tools/Options/Delete Files

  14. On the downside: Hard come - easy go - the creative commons image in sidebar just poof! disappeared, again. So, I reported this recurring problem on feedback. On the upside: the widgets have not yet reassembled their forces and attacked my sidebar again.

  15. Options - please understand that I'm not at all conversant in computerease. I have a windows xp operating system (2003). I do not use my IE browser. I use a mozilla-firefox browser (the latest version which was updated yesterday). I'm on a high speed connection and have an adsl line dedicated only to my compueter. I don't understand what "make a full reload admin widgets page (Ctrl+F5)" means. I don't understand what "clear a browser cache if reload didn't help" means either. But like any naked ape I can push buttons in the correct sequence if I have step by step instructions. As I haven't even eaten or blogged yet today and have only fought the widget fight I'm going to take a 1/2 hour break.

  16. options - I went through the whole routine again. I successfully used a text widget and the creative commons image is showing in my sidebar. I have set my browser so it asks me and I tell it to clearmy browser cache after every time I've been on the internet and leave it.I also used feedback to tell them the issue was reolved - now I will eat and feed my livestock and horses.

  17. uff... supposedly someone was praying for me during this half an hour.

  18. Prayers what need have you of prayers [said she rolling her eyes skyward] you've got code. But poor little me I have only a single affiliate/chiclet ... and worse still I now know there's that ptvguy out there with a whole "flock" of affilated sons p.s. Leaving irreverent feedback felt sooo good. Now on to the business of blogging [grin].

  19. btw, it is worth to have a look at the ptv's page on anal[itic]-retentive coding approach -- it has a fair number of decent links to hyper-text markup language tutorials.

    PS me thinks learning any non-natural language is a kinda waste of time -- it's only machines who speak 'code' and they ain't much conversable besides ELIZA of course.

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