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Image IPTC Captions import under Title

  1. I was planning to move my family photos from Picasaweb to WordPress but am having difficulty with the way handles media import.

    When importing photos manually via the uploader on the post/site, IPTC captions on the photo (entered via Picasa or Lightroom software) end up as the "Title" of the image, with the "Caption" of the image left blank.

    When importing photos automatically via the XMLRPC interface using Lightroom plugins, the "Title" of the image gets populated with the filename prefixed using "wpid" e.g. wpid-img1000.jpg and the "Caption" field remains empty, even though the image still contains the correct IPTC/EXIF metadata.

    This behavior is inconsistent and makes the gallery carousel view unfriendly with cryptic file names instead of all showing the friendly IPTC captions I have spent countless hours updating via cataloging sotware.

    Any thoughts on how the IPTC captions issues can be worked around?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Quick update: the lightroom plugin authors have mentioned that the "wpid" prefix in front of the filenames are put automatically by and they have no control - so this seems squarely as a issue.

    Hoping for a workaround and not having to revert back to Picasaweb/G+.

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