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Image issues

  1. sarahwbartlett

    Me again!
    I'm trying to CHANGE HEADER and ADD (background) IMAGE TO SIDEBAR. Both images are in my media library.

    1 - When I try to edit header, it gives ONLY the option to upload from computer; no option to use what's in library. When I DO re-upload, it doesn't appear anywhere.
    2 - I thought the problem might be that my media images are unattached: but the only option is to attach them to a 'post'.

    I feel this should be much simpler than it is. I initially played around with several headers, all of which I did successfully. Now I cannot do ANYTHING!!! Finally,
    3 - I cannot access/change the tagline under the header.

    Please help!! And thank you very much :-)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1 Do not use the Image Uploader for a header. Use the Custom Header uploader only. This doesn't apply if you've got the paid CSS upgrade, which is another case entirely.

    3 The tagline is under Settings->General on the dashboard.

  3. sarahwbartlett

    The only option i HAVE used is the Custom Header uploader. It's allowed me to upload several different things that i've been trying. So I'm wondering whether i need to DELETE what's in the media library in order to have it upload again properly? It doesn't even show up -- says 'next screen' will allow me to crop -- shows crop but no image -- then says header is successfully loaded but no change. This is Vigilance, BTW. [i do not have css upgrade]

    As i said, i KNOW this has to be simpler than it is right now. For instance, the first two tmes I tried a custom header, it worked ok.


  4. sarahwbartlett

    moreover -- whether i upload an image as pdf, jpg or png, i cannot get it to show up on a sidebar text widget -- even though i WAS successful earlier. I'm using
    <img src="http:// "width=" "/>, as i learned last week. No dice!!! Is this a current issue with Vigilance? or something else . . .

  5. Cropping doesn't work; you have to prepare and upload an image in the exact dimensions specified by the theme.

    As for the text widget, try this:

    <img src="URL_HERE" width="NUMBER_HEREpx"></a>

  6. sarahwbartlett

    Thanks! I'll try that . . .

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