Image Lightbox for WordPress?

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    I was browsing a blog, when I saw a really interesting WP plugin – – which makes it so when you click on an image it opens in a lightbox. I was wondering if there was any way to do this with

    The blog I need help with is


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    The site linked to your name is a wordpress.COM site.
    Are you aware that there at 2 separate kinds of wordpress?
    details about the differences:

    If you are asking about, then this might interest you, though not with the answer you hope for:



    Here’s the instructions for the workaround. Basically add the Social Vibe widget to your sidebar and add a thickbox class to all your links you want to open that way.



    Hi There! I created a while back a video tutorial based off the instructions hallluke, has link to I thought I would share for anyone wanting learn by visual instructions instead…



    Ok, thanks! Oh, BTW I know the difference between & .org thats why I published it in the ideas section, not the support section asking why I can’t install the plugin!


    I’d like to see a lightbox feature here as well and I hope staff will consider it. There are a number of photography sites hosted here and I’m sure they would like it.



    I’d love to have the option to include a few javascript snippets to achieve something like this, much like the way you can add widgets to a sidebar/footer area. This way, the people that would love to include a lightbox display or fancy image gallery can do so and those that don’t can opt out of loading the code and not have to worry about bandwidth and page load times. Something similar to the way the current shortcodes work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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    There are some problems with using thickbox.
    See here:

    I second Richard:
    “I’d like to see a lightbox feature here as well and I hope staff will consider it.”


    @tess, yeah it seems a no-brainer. And if they would include an opt in/opt out for those that might not like it, that would be even better.

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