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  1. Ok, Ive searched for 30 min trying to find a solution but no luck, can you help? I'm trying to add this image link to Sidebar Widget under text. This is what I have:

    <img src="" alt="">

    It shows up correctly on the blog but it goes to this site instead of just please help!

  2. the href is in there to but it did not show up in the 1st post

  3. you need to add "http://" in front of the www in the href

  4. Irrelevant domain links removed from original post.

    Linking your name to your blog is more useful than whatever that other site it.

  5. @toddemark
    I just visited your blog. IMHO if you do intend to have this blog at then you must contact staff and have them clarify the policies and terms of service for you.

    It's important to understand that when you agreed to the Terms of Service to get a blog here those terms stated that blogs could not be used to drive traffic to 3rd party sites. blogs are non-commercial blogs. They cannot be used to transact business on. Moreover, blogger initiated advertising is not allowed on blogs and failing to abide by the ToS and policies can result in blog deletion.

    Section 2, 5th bullet

    Having visited your blog I can plainly see on your "For Sale" page you're advertising real estate for sale and that the nature of the blog you are creating is "commercial".

    Therefore, I would like to suggest that the other wordpress option seems more suited to your needs. You can hire a web host very inexpensively and download a free blog template from or, alternatively, you can host the template your self on your own server.


  6. this will help you show us what you're trying to do:

  7. timethief thanks for the info, do you think I could keep the new developments section and lofts section which highlights all the new buildings? and what about the lifestyle section where there would be links to events, clubs, restaurants? and in home style where I would have links to furniture stores etc... but I could do articles about lifestyle and homestyle... yes?

  8. Volunteers answering forum questions are not in a position to interpret, discuss or debate policy, only staff can do this. During support hours 9 - 5 PM Pacific time you can use this link to ask for clarification or, if you prefer, you can use the "support" link found on the top right hand corner of any dashboard/admin side blog page.

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