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    In my blog I always post links on images, I use the add object button to create the link because I use images that are in other servers so I link it via URL…and when you click on the image the link get open in the same window closing my blog…

    I searched if there is some tick I can pulse on the “add object” button but there isnt so I say ok I will find how to write it on html…I find the command target=”_blank” and I asked a friend because I didnt know where to write it and he says “write it where alt=”” ends and before src begins with space in both sides…I wrote it and when I pulse it save it and I go to the blog to see if the changes happened nothing happened…then I went to the post and seems the _blank code dissapear from the post…

    Do you know if all the themes allow new window links? or did you find what I do wrong? because I dont have idea

    Thanks in advance
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Can someone explain me how to do it or my mistake? thanks so much


    You are putting the target=”blank” in the wrong part of your HTML if you are putting it in near “src”. You want it over in the link part which is the “a href” part, something like this.
    <a href="urlwheretheimagelinkistoopen" target="_blank"><img src="URL" alt=""></a>

    The target blank is not disallowed because when you add a link to text the popup window has the option to check “open link in a new window/tab”.


    Assuming you know your urls will be something like
    <a href="http://some" target="_blank"><img src="http://some" alt="flying geese" width="150" height="150"></a>



    yeah it works! GREAT! haha I knew it was so simple but I dont have idea of html I just see code and copy it hehe

    And yeah I though the same that it allows new windows links as I saw this button when you write a link…but I didnt know how to do it with images…

    Thank you REALLY REALLY MUCH :)


    Glad it works for you!

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