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    I’m trying to include links to Twitter, Facebook, and RSS Feed through images in a gallery. Whenever I try to link to my accounts with the images, it never saves, even when I hit the save changes.

    Going here might convey what I’m trying to say.

    The blog I need help with is


    Open that page in the editor, click on each of the images one at a time, then click on the image edit icon (mountain) and then in the “link URL” field, put the URL that you want the icon to direct to.


    I go to each individual picture and edit the Link URL and click save all changes but it gets reset to the .png link.


    Oh, wait, you are using the gallery function. You cannot change the image link on a gallery. You have to insert each image separately, NOT as a gallery.


    Thanks man.

    Is there any way to have the pics in columns other than the gallery?


    That gets a little tricky. Let me work out the code for you. Give me a few minutes.



    You can make an HTML table and insert the images into it. See here >


    Is there away to post more than just one picture on a page? Whenever I post a second pic, the first one disappears.


    You have to make sure that you place the cursor after the first image. If the cursor is not in the text area, and blinking, then it will replace the first image.

    Here is the code. Switch to the HTML tab and delete everything you have now in that post. Paste the following into the HTML tab in the editor. You will need to fix the links. Right now all I have is placeholder text. Note where each image link code starts with
    <a href=” ? Replace the stuff between the quote marks with the URLs as required. I actually put the URL of your feed into the feed URL image code, so that is done for you.

    Here is the placeholder text I used for the links


    <div style="text-align: center;"><a href="URL_for_facebook"><img class="alignnone" style="margin-right: 50px; border:none;" title="facebook icon" src="" alt="facebook icon" width="60" height="60" /></a><a href=""><img class="alignnone" style="margin-right: 50px; border:none;" title="rss icon" src="" alt="rss icon" width="60" height="60" /></a><a href="URL_for_lastfm"><img class="alignnone" style="margin-right: 50px; border:none;" title=" icon" src="" alt=" icon" width="60" height="60" /></a><a href="URL_for_twitter"><img class="alignnone" style=" border:none;" title="twitter icon" src="" alt="twitter icon" width="60" height="60" /></a></div>


    Wow thanks!


    You’re welcome.

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