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  1. Hi-

    I'm just wondering if it's possible -- and then how to do it -- to have an image link to a popup that's not already on my site.

    I don't know all the terminology...but basically, I want to have an image of a book cover on a page -- and when you click on it an excerpt from the book comes up in a separate window. But I don't want to have that excerpt page already there in my "Pages" list that's visible at the top of the page. I know how to link to an existing page, but how can I link to one that's not otherwise visible? Can I do this on WordPress?


  2. If you know how to link to a page, then you should have no trouble linking to an outside site. Just add the URL of an outside site just like you do when you link to an existing page. It's the same procedure whether doing a picture or text, in that you click/highlight on the object you want linked, and then go through the motions of adding the URL info,

  3. I need to make the page with the excerpt though... can I make that page thru my wordpress site without anyone being able to click on it anywhere else??

  4. I don't know of any way in wordpress to have "hidden" pages like that. Even if they did, however, I could still click on the cover to get to the excerpt and then put a link to it from my blog, which would bypass your book cover link. There's very little (short of some PHP coding to test the referrer information, which we can't do here) that can be done to prevent someone else from linking to the excerpt.

  5. You could make the excerpt a plain .txt document, upload it and use the image of the book cover to link to it.

  6. !!! omg! Ellaella I'ma try that.... where can I upload a txt to?

  7. Upload it to your wordpress space, just as you would an image. I've done it, it works.

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