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    Am having difficulty with images, until yesterday no real problems, now every time I try and load an image it loads as an over sized one rather than as it used to do – ie appropriately sized.

    Trying to reduce size with anchor points does not seem to work, what is going on.

    Ever since the Word Press upgrade there have been intermittent problesm


    are u editing back and forth between “visual” and “html” mode? I find that often times going back and forth strips html code out and replaces it with “&:%” and also strips out width=”###” or height=”###” etc.

    also I find “caching” tends to mess up import of pictures through the WP wizard every so often, requiring me to close down my browser (FF) and start over from the last saved version.

    just an idea.



    What browser and version are you using? Can you provide a link to your blog? When you hit Insert into Post, are you choosing Full Size?


    I too am having trouble downloading images to my Blog. Do exactly what I have been doing since I started, but the background screen (showing the Post) goes grey and sort of freezes and when I press “Insert into Post” nothing happens. Have tried over and over again, using different sizes too. When was the Word Press Upgrade people are talking about? Because I do remember learning how to do this and then learning all over again when it seemed to have changed – and now I am wondering if this is yet another new method I have to learn. But it used to be so easy!
    Where/how can I get hold of a “real person” to help me with this, please?
    Elspeth Thompson (Blog at



    THanks for comments, problem seems to have righted itself again
    Am using Firefox

    Have had the problem when selecting medium.

    Am quite sure problem may be me.

    Blog is



    Elspeth, don’t post your email in the forum. You will get inundated by spam and nobody here emails. We post solutions in the forum; it’s your responsibility to check back and see if anyone’s found a solution.

    We are all real people.

    Adam, I don’t think the problem is you, or Medium; I think it was a temporary issue today with the servers.

    As for those of you using IE 7, we will have to wait and see if it’s fixed for you. Why not try uploading somethign and report back here.


    Dear Raincoaster,
    Thanks for that advice. Apologies to all for the “real people” comment! I am a bit new to this and was trying to find someone I could get on the phone or something… The people at WordPress have been extremely helpful – I still have the problem, but am enlisting help of computer-savvy friend.
    All good wishes,

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