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image metadata and copyright stripped out

  1. Hi all.

    As photographers, we're starting to upload images to our blog (theme is redoable).

    However - all metadata including copyright info appears to be getting stripped out of the files. I can't tell for sure if this is true, but saving the file back out of the blog to my local machine's desktop results in a file w/o metadata. The end result - the round-tripped file is blank.

    This is true of both Firefox and IE7, so it doesn't look like the browsers...

    Does anyone know if (a) the metadata really is stripped out, and if so (2) how to prevent this? We really need to ensure our copyright notice and photo credits survive the upload process.

    Thanks as always!!!

  2. Can we have a link to one of the images this is happening to?

  3. Metadata is stripped out by the image resizer. The metadata on the original image is kept intact, but the resized one shown in the page doesn't preserve it.

    I believe this won't happen if you (a) insert a Full Size image into your post rather than a smaller size; (b) resize your image before uploading it, and and insert it at a size equal to or greater than the original; or (c) make sure the 'width' and 'height' attributes on your <img> tag are equal to or greater than the original image size.

    We're testing an improved image resizer that doesn't have this problem (and also does a better job of maintaining image quality and colour). We're hoping it should be available soon but not just yet.

  4. Thanks, Tellyworth... I'll just create a new PS action that cranks out the sizes so that they don't need to be scaled down.


  5. Mmmm, PS actions. Almost better than chocolate.

  6. Yeah - actually not too thrilled with that approach, since we have images at all different display sizes, and would rather not have to have so much hands-on...

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