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    Lately whenever I load the “About” page on my blog (, the photo there displays so that it fills the full width of the main column, with the text appearing on top of it. (It’s supposed to be about half this size and aligned left.) Do others also see it this way when they visit the page? If so, what’s causing it and how do I fix it? I’ve double checked that the settings for the photo are how they want them, so I don’t think it’s user error. It only recently developed this issue, which doesn’t seem to have been precipitated by any edits I made – it just decided to start looking wonky.

    The blog I need help with is


    WordPress made some changes to the image stuff, and it has caused images to “blow up” randomly on some sites. If it is just the one image, open your about page in the editor, delete the image and reinsert it at medium or thumbnail as you desire.


    Thanks. I’d fiddled with it some but I guess I hadn’t gotten to the point of completely deleting and reinserting it.



    I noticed problems too: image frames have come smaller than the image really is on the page. This seems to happen in places where I hd adjusted the image sizes to e.g. 80% of originila size. The new article where I did not do size adjustments looks OK. Hope this will be fixed, would not want to fix 100 images by re-inserting them all.


    This has just recently happened to my site…all the images are much larger than orginially inserted and now the pictures are covered by the text in the wide bar. I have decreased the size of the pictures on the some of our more recent entries, I’ve fiddled around with using the wide bar vs the right side bar but nothing has worked to correct the problem. Today, I started randomly checking previous posts only to find that all of my photos are much much larger…disorting the appearance/placement of text.
    I have gone back in to a few posts and reinserted the photos reduce to 90% (which is what I always do) and that works but I’m hoping there is any easier solution. Here you can see a post which I’ve partially corrected… The first picture is too large and remains unchanged…then I’ve reinserted the next 3 and then the 5th picture is a good representative of how they are too big and running into the wide bar.

    It is the same theme rebeccainthewoods uses…vigilance by theme foundry…but I’ve looked at other blogs using the same theme and they appear fine.

    I’m not sure what to do?…the appearance is not as intended and it is really frustrating to wake up and find everything changed. It would take so much time to go back over 150 posts and reinsert the photos.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Is this happening to other wordpress bloggers?


    Well I’m not sure where to put this but since it is regarding pictures I guess I’ll try here. I recently noticed that in pretty much all of my posts any picture that I had aligned to center is now over to the left. This wasn’t like this before so I don’t know if it’s just me or is a bug so I thought I would report this. If not it looks like I have a lot of work to do to fix this problem.


    OK I actually just tried to fix it and nothing works. I went into edit and it shows that the picture is set to align at the center but it still isn’t showing up that way. I even tried by taken the picture off and re-adding it, still nothing. I really think this is a bug.



    If you had searched you would have found this thread where Staff is helping those who have this issue >


    Yes, thank you I did find this thread…



    I’m glad to hear that and hope you get Staff help soon in that thread. Please be patient while waiting.

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