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Image on the sidebar

  1. I'm trying to upload an image on my sidebar. I uploaded it first on the library and I was trying to copy the URL and past it on the image box (appaerence-widget-image) as the video explains. It won't copy the URL on the library, I don't know why, I made sure the address ends with .jpg, it seams correct to me, but apparently there's something wrong.

    can you help me out please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It seems that you finally found how to do... as I can see in your blog.

  3. no, the image is included now in the blog post, but I wanted also to put it on the sidebar and as I mentioned I can't and I can't find it out why

  4. Putting things in the sidebar can be done two ways. You can use the Image widget or you can use the Text widget. If your browser for whatever reason won't copy the URL of the uploaded image, you'll just have to type it in.

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