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    I have a photo on a post which extends below the post on which it is loaded into the post below.

    Any suggestions for keeping the photo entirely within the post to which it is linked??



    1) Make it smaller.
    2) Center it and put the text either above it or below it.
    3) Put an empty line line after it (sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t: use P or Br, not Div in your code).


    That is a bug in that particular theme, and is also in at least one more theme. Raincoaster’s suggestions should fix it though.



    Thanks – it seems with this theme that you have to have text after your photo in order to keep it integrated into its post.



    Mind if I make a suggestion?

    Windows Live Writer does all this, for you. it’s totally awesome.

    Get it at:

    You go now! ;-P


    Hey exposeright – just downloaded WLW on your recommendation. How to connect it with my WordPress blog, rather than the Live Space they set me up with? I know, I could just figure out myself, but you seem to know… :)


    Hi right back, exposeright. Are you kidding? Windows Live Writer is totally cool. Sorry I was impatient before. It was actually very easy to change the publishing path from Live Space to my WordPress blog. Posting pics will now be a breeze… Thanks for the tip!



    No problem. It is quite easy to set up… :)

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