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    so i’ve been trying for week to get photos onto a (monotone themed) page.
    i’ve tried different browsers (firefox, safari, camino).
    i’ve tried the flash uploader and the browser uploader.

    i have managed to get 2 pictures into my media library but every time i try to put them on a page they appear in the editor but not in preview or on the page when viewing site.
    usually they will disappear when i try to publish or save, occasionally they remain in the editor after pressing those buttons but yet to get a photo viewable on a page.

    reading through the forum it seems that many people are having problems trying to get pictures up.
    i also read people referring to a “send to editor” button that i’ve yet to find.

    is this worth persisting with? if so please help me make it work (i’m getting desperate). or would there be a better place for me to go.




    The Send to Editor button is the Insert in Post button now. It got renamed.

    Have you tried the workarounds listed in the other threads:
    1) Cookie Dance
    2) Copy URL and use Image Icon to post
    among others.

    Also: please give us the URL of one of those images you’re having problems with. Maybe we can look at it and see the issue. The URL of the IMAGE, not the post. But while you’re at it, you might as well give us the URL of a post in which you’ve tried to get the image.

    I did notice a glitch the other day in which the image didn’t show in the preview, but did show in the post. Peculiar and I haven’t been able to repeat it. I’m using FF


    hi raincoaster,

    thanks for your reply.

    3 urls:

    not sure if they are what you referring to (the only other url i could give you is my editor page).
    i really am a newbie to this stuff so i am struggling to navigation my way through the admin pages.



    Well, the middle one is the only one which appears to be an image.

    Do you have posts up? I don’t see anything at all. Try making a post and inserting the .jpg using the Image Icon, the tree symbol on the toolbar. Remember that the monotone theme will display ONLY ONE image per post, so only put one in.



    Image uploader has been a total disaster with the upgrade. It works about 1 time in20 for me. The only reliable method is copying the url and using add image. Really annoying.



    does what you say apply to “pages” as well.
    this might sound crazy (please advise) but i was hoping to put photos into “pages” (non linear/non chronological but hierarchical) that would be available to public viewing and to use the blog (“posts”) as a personal diary of the project that would not be available to public viewing.
    i will have a go at putting photos into a post a see what happens.



    Aha! We have found our problem.

    You cannot have static pages on Monotone. You just can’t. You get the prefab Archive and the About page and as far as I know you can’t put pix on the About page.

    It sounds like you need a different theme. There is no way this one is going to behave the way you want.


    so (just to be sure of what you are saying).
    if i’m using monotone i need to pics in blogs only (chronological) or go to another theme?
    any recommendations for another theme that will do what i originally conceived for the project?



    If you are using Monotone you can only have posts, no pages. You can only have one picture per post.

    I don’t think you can do what you want with one blog. You would need one public blog, for images, and one private blog, for your comments. You COULD have just one blog and keep all your posts as drafts, but sooner or later you’ll make a mistake and hit Publish.


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    It seems designatedpicnicarea could mark each post as “private” so the blog would look like a set of pages with pictures, but the public wouldn’t see any posts.

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