Image (photo) Won’t Display in Text Widget

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    Okay, I’ve gone over and over the instructions for the code for posting an image in a text widget and I still can’t get the image to display. I’ve resized it so I know it’s not too big. It shows up fine in a post but all I get in the sidebar widget is the “show picture” placeholder.

    I’m using “Misty Look” template. Any suggestions? Thanks!



    (1) Are you referring to a blog?
    (2) Please post the code between backticks like ths ` here on the forum. Do be aware that if it contains a form, iframe, javascript, flash or other embed the software here will strip the code out.



    (3) Perhaps this will help images, optimizing, pre-sizing, resizing


    I’m not sure I understand the reply. I’m trying to post an image (photo) into one of the sidebar text widgets of my wordpress blog . . . I followed instructions for copying into the text widget the url of the uploaded image using the img tag, etc.

    I used this code:
    <img src=””/>

    But the image won’t display in the sidebar. I just keep getting one of those “show pictures” x boxes where the picture is supposed to be.



    This is the code to place in the widget
    <a href=""></a>



    Which browser and version of it are you using please?
    Have you reloaded your browser?
    Have you tried this?
    The Cookie Dance
    step 1. log out
    step 2. clear your browser cookie
    step 3. clear your browser cache/temporary internet files
    step 4. close your browser
    step 5. go back and test

    P.S. What I meant by posting the code between backticks is illustrated in the post above this one.



    ARRRGGHHH! I made a mistake above> Please ignore the code posted up there and use this one instead
    `<img src=”http://gaymystic/files/2007/11/lilblueshirt.jpg” alt=”lilblueshirt.jpg” />



    <a href="" title="lilblueshirt.jpg"><img src="" alt="lilblueshirt.jpg" /></a>



    I humbly apologize for how stupid this answer has been.
    I’m visually imp[aired and I just screwed up again.
    We cannot edit so all that wrong crap is up there.

    I guarantee this code is the correct code to place in the widget. Please ignore EVERYTHING pertaining to code in the posts above. I uploaded it into my own blog to be sure it worked there.

    <a href="" title="lilblueshirt.jpg"><img src="" alt="lilblueshirt.jpg" /></a>



    I placed the image for you.
    The ” were wrong that’s all :)

    <p align="center">

    around the image link to center it.



    I am having the same problem. The html they specified in the faq is different than what I am seeing here. I now tried what you have said here and it is still not working. Please help:




    @frankydayle – you have a stray carat at the beginning. It should be <img src=



    thanks ella ella, I tried what you said and now it is showing up as a link. so it’s kind of working, but I just wanted the picture to show up. please help :)



    frankkdayle – sorry for mangling your name last time. I saw the problem on your blog. You’re missing the <> altogether. This should do it (minus the backticks):

    ‘<img src=”http://thenameofyourfile.jpg”>’

    When you edit the widget, make sure to close the text box before clicking on Save Changes.



    This thread helped me, too. I couldn’get my blog button to show up. Thanks!

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