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Image problem with Ocean Mist theme

  1. My blog is located at I am using the Ocean Mist template, and when I add images to a post, the hspace and vspace attributes are ignored. When I look at the code, there is a hash mark (/) added at the end of the IMG tag that I can't get rid of. Could this be the problem.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  2. Are you using Safari by any chance? Or pasting in from Word? I see two images in your current post, but yes, the margins are ignored. If you are using Safari, you might want to try using Firefox instead, just because Safari doesn't work well with the visual editor here. You might also try using the Code editor instead. Since you put the info in already, you should just be able to tweak it without rewriting the whole thing.

  3. raincoaster - thanks for your response. I was using Firefox, but you gave me the idea to try IE, where it works. Strange that it doesn't work with Firefox.

  4. Ah, right! A few weeks ago some people mentioned a problem with FF that I hadn't noticed. They recommended using the most recent version, so you could try updating your FF.

  5. The hash mark (/) added at the end of the IMG tag is compliant to XHTML standard and no, you shouldn't try to get rid of it.
    If you want some sort of space between the text and your image, use css formatting by the attribute style instead, like this:
    This example lets the image align to the left (and the text wraps around it, like with the align attribute) and puts a 6px wide space between the right edge of the picture.

  6. Thank you Isadora. That did the trick.


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